General Safety

Montréal is a spacious city, with plenty of green spaces and many wide sidewalks. The city takes public health seriously, and public spaces continue to adapt to levels of concern. Here are some general practices throughout the city. 

  • All people who have been in potential contact with COVID-19 are required to stay at home and avoid essential services.
  • Face coverings mandatory in all enclosed public spaces, including transportation.
  • Technological solutions to limit contacts. When it comes to events, this means such things as pre-registration, contactless payment, and more. 
  • Physical distancing in public spaces, with many sites offering visual indicators on the ground to establish appropriate distances. 
  • Service employees behind plexiglass wherever possible. Where this is not possible, workers equipped with masks and visors. 
  • Extensive hand hygiene opportunities through a large number of disinfectant dispensers. 
  • Signage to indicate respiratory measures in place.
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