Sporting Events and Activities

Montréal is a city of sports. We are a favourite host city for a wide variety of events, from elite international competitions to leisurely regional tournaments, and everything in between.

  • Indoor authorized sporting events, with spectators mainly seated, are limited to a maximum of 3500 people.
  • Outdoor authorized sporting events, with spectators mainly seated, are limited to a maximum of 5000 people.
  • Access to lockers and changing rooms is limited to ensure physical distancing
  • Access to showers is permitted if physical distancing can be respected and if cleaning is performed regularly throughout the day.
  • The number of participants is limited to 50 for outdoor activities and to 25 for indoor activities, excluding coaches, and staff
  • For combat sports, sparring is permitted as long as the rules of public health authorities are respected.
  • All participants must use their own equipment whenever possible. Shared equipment—such as a soccer ball—must be washed with hot water and soap or an effective disinfectant between activities.
  • If participants bring their own equipment—such as a basketball—a designated person must disinfect it before entering the playing field or court.
  • For purposes of contact tracing, a detailed register must be logged that includes: the name of the participants, their telephone numbers, and the date of participation.
  • Adaptations specific to certain physical or sporting activities may be required to limit the presence of prolonged contact between participants. The details of each sports protocol are determined by the provincial federation.
  • Holding festivals and events is conditional on the development of a sanitary protocol meeting the requirements of the Directives de santé publique pour les événements et activités publics extérieurs
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