Le TAZ, Roulodôme and Skatepark

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Petite Italie and Villeray

The TAZ, a non-profit organization, is a unique and original place to hold events. It has quality installations made for large-scale events and sport happenings, and is one of the few spaces in Montréal where you can accommodate up to 2,300 people. The venue also features a variable-geometry stage, dressing rooms with showers, a catering area and a studio with basic technical equipment.

Facility details

  • Le Taz: 83,810 total square feet, including the Skatepark and Roulodôme
  • Roulodôme: open space of 23,000 square feet dedicated to the practice of recreational rollerblading
Le TAZ, Roulodôme and Skatepark
8931 Papineau Avenue
Montréal, QC H2M 0A5

Petite Italie and Villeray
Near Le TAZ, Roulodôme and Skatepark
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