Sustainable meetings made easy

Tourisme Montréal recently launched its new sustainable tourism strategy, which aims to promote Montréal through a more eco-responsible and community-oriented approach to tourism. We’re moving forward with changes that will make Montréal more sustainable and resilient at many levels – economic, social, cultural and environmental. And this includes, of course, helping event professionals plan more sustainable meetings and events.

Using the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as its frame of reference, this ambitious strategy aims to foster the development of an exemplary tourism destination by 2030 by having a positive impact on the local community and the environment, and by promoting the harmonious cohabitation of the local population and tourists. This includes everything from allowing visitors to calculate their carbon footprint and offset their GHG emissions to recommendations to an eco-friendly stay, as well as the creation of a guide to best practices for sustainable events.

Business Events Montréal’s “Guide to Best Practices for Sustainable Events”

Our new Guide to Best Practices for Sustainable Business Events offers excellent guidelines and concrete, tangible recommendations for planning and holding sustainable meetings. Whether you are a seasoned planner or someone new to the industry, you’ll find a wealth of detailed information about how to make your event more sustainable.