Sports Events Montréal: one point of contact for stellar sporting events

Sports Events Montréal serves as your first point of contact to connect you to the city’s thriving sports and event ecosystem. Our team approach allows us to leverage all the resources you will need, all under one roof. We can offer tailor-made solutions based on your specific requirements.

We can also answer your questions regarding the financing of your event and assist you in identifying existing event hosting programs. As described in our sports events strategy, we partner with sports organizations to host events that are aligned with our vision to build a legacy for the future.

Connections that matter: Sports organizations

Sports Events Montréal connects you to a rich pool of expertise that includes several high-profile sports organizations based in Montréal, such as:

  • The Canadian Olympic Committee
  • The World Anti-Doping Agency
  • INS Québec
  • High Performance Training Centres

A city of festivals and events

In addition to the many sporting events held in the city each year, Montréal is renowned internationally as a “city of festivals”, hosting over 100 festivals and events annually. Sports Events Montréal is part of a dynamic network of experienced event organizers in a diverse range of specialties and fields. We connect you to the best talent and expertise the city has to offer.

In short, Montréal is the city for a sporting event.